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Two minutes, 30 seconds......not so bad after all

August 28, 2014

Since AMP radio out of Calgary, a couple of weeks ago, adopted the Quick Hitz radio format, there has been a lot of fuss made over the length of pop songs. Quick Hitz prides itself in developing a format where all songs on their playlists are no longer than two minutes, 30 seconds; some even shorter.

Good Reads: He’s the smartest high school student in Japan...And decides that he knows best how to rule the world

August 28, 2014

Things good for the sight.
Measurable sleepe. red roses. ffennell. Seladine Vervaine rootes X Pinpernell. Oculus Christie. To wash your eyes in faire running water, & your hands & feet often. To look on any greene or pleasant colours, or in a faire glasse.
-- Isaac Newton, 1642-1726/7

School days, school daze. And for Rafe Khatchadorian, it really can be a daze. Khatchadorian is a middle school kid with an infuriating younger sister who not only loves school, she’s really good at it. Perhaps she loves her classes because she’s good at it?