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Good Reads: Oh George, everything is forgiven — The curious connection between Anne Frank and a little monkey

April 17, 2014

You can read a work of fiction without knowing a thing about the author, yet you’ll still enjoy the book. In the end, the writer’s intent may not matter so much as what you get out of it.
And yet it’s still interesting to inquire about a writer’s values.
Children the world over have grown up with Curious George, the little monkey with a nose for mischief, yet the kids are blissfully unaware about the lives of H.A. Rey and his spouse, Margret Rey. But that darned monkey! He’s a caution.

Country Connection: Second album a different side of Josh Thompson

April 17, 2014

Josh Thompson became a familiar name in 2010 when he released his first album titled Way Out Here. This debut album got some pretty good reviews and it managed to produce three Top 30 singles.
Thompson’s second album titled Turn It Up is quite different from its predecessor, letting us see a different side of what he can deliver musically. The album is produced by Mark Wright and Cliff Audretech III.