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Good Reads: Residents owe their livelihoods to the students, but resent the dependence

July 24, 2014

Insecure people believe they’re at fault for everything, and so they interpret everything as being about them. People are always being mean to them, and obviously purposely so. It’s a nasty circle, where the insecure become ever more sad, and perhaps even angry and bitter.
Their friends must be patient, and reassuring.
The insecure are also well-intentioned people, and they certainly don’t want to be unhappy. Or at least, they think they don’t want to be unhappy.

STOP! TV: No guarantees

July 24, 2014

Our society is totally obsessed with “making it big.” Success, as we understand it to be most of the time, is the attainment of wealth, position and honours, instead of simply seeing it as the favourable termination of attempts or endeavours; the accomplishment of one’s goals whatever they may be.
Even crooks and delinquents are respected as long as they amass a fortune and manage to “get away with it.” It would explain why Justin Bieber is preoccupied with being a bad guy. It seems society prefers pop/rock stars to be on the dark side.