Destination Sherbrooke not for WestJet - yet

Sherbrooke is not among the first destinations chosen by WestJet in launching a new daily nonstop service.Nanaimo and Fort St. John in British Columbia will be the served by a fleet of Bombardier Q400 next generation jets. WestJet’s new Encore service, also will include a new daily service between Vancouver and Victoria.In June 2012, 30 Canadian cities including Sherbrooke expressed interest in WestJet Encore service. Fort St. John and Nanaimo are the first cities to be served, but others will be added later, the Calgary-based company says.“It is sad, but this announcement will not diminish our desire to attract a carrier to the airport in Sherbrooke,” says Councilor Pierre Boisvert. “It’s only a matter of time before we see an air link between Sherbrooke and other major cities. WestJet seems to focus a lot on the West and the good news is that the company has confirmed that the 28 other cities will be considered again.”Sherbrooke had placed great hopes on the presence of the Alberta company at Sherbrooke Airport to ensure the development of the infrastructure.The aim was to establish a Sherbrooke-Toronto link, even making the Sherbrooke airport a hub for WestJet in Eastern Canada. Last week, Mayor Bernard Sévigny met three Quebec government ministers on the subject of reviving the Sherbrooke Airport. The City is asking that Quebec pay a third of the $29 million needed to expand and upgrade the airport so it can handle larger commercial aircraft.