ETSB ­approves school fees class action settlement

During a special meeting held Tuesday evening, the Eastern Townships School Board (ETSB) adopted a resolution approving the terms of a settlement regarding the class action lawsuit filed against the province’s school boards for charging parents school fees beyond what is allowable in public schools according to the Education Act. The suit covers eight years; the 2009-09 school year, until 2016. All school boards involved in the lawsuit held similar meetings this week to either approve or reject the proposed settlement. If majorities on both sides agree and the judge presiding over the case deems the settlement reasonable to both parties, then the process to pay parents of the roughly 925,000 students involved in the class action will move forward. According to media reports, the amount of the proposed settlement is $153 million, breaking down to between $25 and $28 per student per year covered by the lawsuit. See full story in the Thursday, May 17th edition of The Record.