Five tips to conquer “gymtimidation” while you navigate the machines

Christine Blanchette
Staff Writer

I used to dread working out in the gym for a lot of reasons. I had "gymtimidation,” the main reason being my physique… as in I would need to live at the gym for a year, yet still not achieve the results I was hoping for. In other words I was not exactly carved out of granite. I remember trying to lift weights with my petite frame next to someone pumping iron without effort. I don’t know how much she was lifting but it looked like a hundred pounds in each hand, which still couldn’t erase her smile never mind bring her to a sweat. This workout experience deflated my confidence, knowing how unlikely it was that I would ever get to her level. I pledged to never go back to the gym or any fitness center, despite my good fitness as a runner. I still had that sense of a negative body image until I started reading articles about the benefits of cross training in the gym for runners. I decided to give the gym one more chance. See full story in the Friday, March 16th edition of The Record.