More cutbacks at BU in wake of Summit

Following the end of the Provincial Government’s Summit on Higher Education, Bishop’s University’s Principal Michael Goldbloom expressed concerns about the short and medium term impacts that a proposed $250 million in cuts over the next two years could cause. Despite an evident effort to seek out and fight for the best possible solution, Goldbloom was clearly frustrated by the mixed news that the Parti Quebecois Government has announced a $1.7 billion reinvestment in higher education given that, “it’s over seven years, and it is preceded by cuts in the first two years.”Bishop’s Principal said that he was encouraged by the new recognition, on seemingly all sides of the discussion, that Quebec’s Universities are under-funded. He also expressed a genuine appreciation that the Premier and Minister of Higher Education defended the management of universities in the province, but indicated that $250 million in cuts over the next two years was far more of a curse than a blessing.“We are having some discussions with the government to see if the cuts could be extended over a larger period of time than just two years,” Goldbloom said, stating too that he is, “reasonably optimistic,” that they will come to some compromise or accommodation on the issue. He presented the possibility of a situation that is still negative for the school but more manageable.“We’ll see in the next couple of days,” he said; in the mean time, the school has already started damage control; the clearest example of that damage so far is the decision not to hire six new professors for this coming September.Read the entire article Friday in The Record