New rights group denounces, ‘language based intolerance’

A new civil rights group, going by the name of Canadian Rights in Quebec (CRITIQ), has started up in the province. CRITIQ is a Quebec-based organization dedicated to the protection of rights and freedoms invested in every citizen of the country by Canada’s constitution. Richard Yufe, a member of CRITIQ, shared that since its inception at the end of January, the organization has gathered some 4,000 members across the province, and has begun to actively seek volunteers and support for a wide range of communities.“CRITIQ is not a political party, nor does it aspire to be,“ Yufe said, explaining that the organization is, instead, seeking to “fill the gaps” in what members of the group see as two main issues in Quebec. The first of these is a need for leadership with regard to the denunciation of language-based intolerance and discrimination in Quebec. The second is to advocate on behalf of all Quebecers, in favour of government policy that recognizes the equality of the French and English languages in Quebec, given that both are official languages of the Canada.Based on these two main issues, CRITIQ holds to three main principles:1. To support the fundamental freedom of Canadian citizens residing in Quebec to choose in which language they wish to live, work, and receive education for themselves and for their children.See the entire article Tuesday in The Record