Orford Express, MMA reach Megantic deal

The Orford Express will be able to start its Lac Mégantic run, after all, following the conclusion of a last-minute agreement Wednesday between the Montreal, Maine & Atlantic (MMA) and the tourist train operator. Orford Express had filed an injunction in Superior Court earlier demanding access to MMA’s tracks between Sherbrooke and Lac Mégantic. Orford Express has sold some 5,000 rickets for the run’s Oct. 13 excursions.The two sides came to an agreement before the petition in Superior Court was heard. The track will be inspected between Sherbrooke and Lac- Mégantic and should allow the train to travel to the MRC du Granit beginning Monday.“Now we are optimistic that everything will be in order. An inspection should be done to confirm that the track is ready to use as is done regularly. MMA and Orford Express both want us to go to Lac Mégantic,” said Orford Express attorney Monica Maynard.An agreement was reached between Orford Express and MMA in 2012 for tourist runs to Lac-Mégantic. MMA had committed to carry out the inspection because the line had not been used in over 30 days. There must be checks to ensure the safety of our passengers,” said the Director General of Orford Express, André L’Espérance.