Pipers win the 48th annual Galt badminton tournament

Robert Fisk, Athletic Director, Alexander Galt
Staff Writer

The Alexander Galt Badminton Team won the 48th edition of its Annual Badminton Tournament by a narrow margin of 7 points over Centennial Regional High School this past Saturday. The Tournament featured eight schools (Centennial, Mitchell Montcalm, Richmond, Stanstead College, Massey-Vanier, Triolet and Bishop’s College School), 209 players that played 474 matches to 21 points. Blue and gold littered the courts during the medal rounds with 34 Pipers taking home medals. Special thank you to Mr. Walker and his staff for running another well-organized tournament. For a list of the winners in each category, see full story in the Tuesday, May 1st edition of the Record.