Sherbrooke company develops digital autism assistant

Gordon Lambie
Staff Writer

Sherbrooke-based company HOP-Child Technologies was the recipient of $200,000 in financial aid from the Provincial Government on Monday to support a $682,000 research and development project aimed at improving the lives of children living with Autism Spectrum Disorders. The company, which was founded in 2016, aims to support children on the autism spectrum and their families through projects integrating advanced modern technology such as robotics, microelectronics, and artificial intelligence. Diane Groleau, President of HOP-child Technologies, and her partner, Marc-Antoine Pelletier, presented the company's project as a part of the funding announcement, explaining that the work combines wearable sensors, an interactive digital avatar, and a networked database of readings in an effort to measure behavioural trends in children with autism spectrum disorders. “It builds a global image and awareness of the child's reactions to the world around him,” Pelletier said, describing the project as a one-stop digital healthcare system. See full story in the Tuesday, April 17th edition of The Record.