Sherbrooke students tackle wasteful habits

Gordon Lambie
Staff Writer

Sherbrooke’s Community economic development corporation, the CDEC de Sherbrooke, unveiled the fifth of its “Frigo Free Go” anti-waste refrigerators on Thursday afternoon at the Ecole Internationale du Phare. Although this is the third of the refrigerators to be set up in an educational institution, Karole Forand, Executive Director of the CDEC, pointed out that it is the first to be established based on an educational project focused on changing the habits of students with regard to food waste. The newest “FreeGo” owes its existence to a project run in the school cafeteria at Du Phare at the start of the month of February called the “Pèse-Gâchis” or waste scale. Over a period of one week student leftovers were kept, sorted, and weighed after every lunch hour to determine what types of food were going to the greatest waste. By going through this process, the student committee overseeing the project was able to determine the finer details of what was working and what wasn’t in the school cafeteria. See full story in the Friday, Feb. 23rd edition of The Record.