SPA slams Minister Boulet for rodeo endorsement

Record staff
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The Society for the Protection of Animals (SPA) Canada has expressed shock at the Quebec Minister of Tourism, Julie Boulet, who has chosen to endorse the mistreatment of animals by continuing to support the Sainte-Tite Western Festival despite numerous complaints over the years citing animal cruelty. In addition, the practices endorsed by the Minister are in direct violation of Chapter P-42 of the Animal Health Protection Act, the SPA claimed. In a press release issued Thursday, the animal protection organization said Boulet ignored a recent study from Université de Montréal Law Professor Alain Roy, who has deemed the festival unlawful as well as Dr. Jean-Jacques Kona-Boun who found the festival to be harmful and dangerous to animals. “Despite the overwhelming evidence of a total disregard for animal health and safety Minister Boulet has chosen to continue supporting this festival,” the communiqué said. Bulls, for example, are by nature not as aggressive as the rodeo would have people believe. Flank straps tightly squeeze the area near the bulls genitals to cause bucking while electric cattle-prods and boot spurs are used to get an already scared and stressed animal to submit. The occurrence of broken legs among calves and horses is also very common. These otherwise healthy animals are then euthanized as they can no longer be used in events, the organization said. See full story in the Monday, April 16th edition of The Record.