Stanstead Fire Department St. Patrick’s Day dance

Matthew McCully
Staff Writer

This Saturday, the Stanstead Fire Department firemen’s association will host a St. Patrick’s Day dance at Lebaron Hall on the Stanstead College campus. The association has been fundraising in various ways over the past few decades, evolving from spaghetti supper/dance combos to a dance every other year for the past decade. The band of choice has most often been Slightly Haggard. According to Fire Chief Chris Goodsell, the band isn’t known for their Irish repertoire, but definitely won’t disappoint for patrons who want to get their groove on. Often organized around St. Patrick’s Day, rumour has spread over the years that St. Paddy was a fireman, explaining the date chosen for the event. “Our last two dances were at max capacity,” commented Goodsell. “The funds go into our association and it helps us do things not funded by the town or régie,” he said. See full story in the Thursday, March 15th edition of The Record.