Stanstead Township cracking down on short-term rentals

Matthew McCully
Staff Writer

While bylaw 403-2017 allowing short-term rentals was approved in nine of Stanstead Township’s 14 zones last year, the municipality is about to take action against short-term rental properties still operating in the four zones where the bylaw was opposed (RD-1, RD-2, VC-2, VE-1). The bylaw was adopted in March of 2017. Following its adoption, there were sufficient applications to open registers in five of the zones. Council opted to withdraw the bylaw immediately from commercial zone CC-1 in Georgeville, and went to referendum in the other four zones; all four voted against the bylaw on June 30. In September, Mayor Francine Caron Markwell told Citizens that property owners in the four zones where the bylaw was opposed that they had until Dec.31, 2017 to cease operations. See full story in the Tuesday, March 13th edition of The Record.