Sugar Shack Series: Celebrating a Townships’ tradition

Anyone who has grown up in Quebec carries with them the memory of a visit to a sugar camp and the sweet taste of gooey taffy on a stick. But few can appreciate the work that goes into producing a single can of maple syrup.To celebrate this rite of spring and to pay tribute to the diminishing number of traditional maple sugar operations that still gather their bounty old school with pails and helping hands, Townships singer-songwriter Matthew McCully conceived the Sugar Shack Series which matched five Townships musicians with five filmmakers to chronicle the operations at five different sugar camps.“Like most other Quebecers, I have memories of taking a trip out into the woods, knee deep in snow, just for a taste of sugar on snow at a cabane a sucre with my class and with my family, but it wasn’t until I was older that I really came to appreciate the hard work and unpredictability of a sugar operation,” McCully said. “Sugaring is synonymous with Quebec culture. It involves a lot of hard work in a short period of time, and collecting a lot of sap for very little syrup.” McCully said the initiative, which received financial support from Townshippers’ Foundation, provided local artists with an opportunity to draw inspiration from the rich history of the sugaring tradition, while paying tribute to the hard work and camaraderie that keeps the tradition alive.Read the entire article Friday in The Record