Sykes closing its doors, but keeping the phone lines open

Gordon Lambie
Staff Writer

The Sherbrooke Sykes call centre will be closing its doors on May 31 of this year, but company representatives are emphasizing the fact that no jobs are being cut or even leaving town. Describing the company as being on the forefront of a wave that is about to sweep through call centres around the world, Kim Selph, Director of Global Marketing, Communications and Public relations told The Record that Sykes is in the process of shifting its centres to a “virtual delivery model,” that will allow employees to do the same work they are now, but from home. “Sykes is always evaluating the marketplace to ensure the best possible outcome for our clients, their customers and our employees,” Selph said. “Our mission will remain the same and changes to pay and benefits will be minimal.” Éric Croteau, Regional Human Resources Director for Sykes Canada explained that although people associate the closing of an office with bad news for a company, in this case Sykes is shutting down its physical location in order to grow. See full story in the Thursday, March 15th edition of The Record.