Tanzanian-Canadian musician Alysha Brilla is on key for healthy living

Alysha Brilla was born to sing, write and perform. She learned to play the guitar at 14 after listening to her dad playing from the time she was about three. The self-taught musician also began to write songs and play the piano at age seven. In a phone interview with 25-year-old Brilla from her hometown, Kitchener, Ont., the gifted singer/songwriter talked about her passion for music and her healthy addiction to working out and eating right. She describes her town as a peaceful place that has positive energy, Brilla feeling quite content living there, despite her fame in a smaller town. The award-winning musician is known for her eclectic mix of jazz, world and pop. In August she completed her first full-length album, “In My Head,” where she wrote and produced all the songs. On November 20 in Toronto, she is having a release party to celebrate her album, “In My Head,” released by Sunny Jam Records, which can be described as “hippie-jazz,” says Brilla. “As an independent artist I have the freedom to write my own songs. I lived in L.A. for two years, and I had experienced working on a big label but I wanted to produce my own record.” Listening to her music Brilla has a deep, soulful voice which reminds me of the late Amy Winehouse. Some of her songs have been featured on television shows such as, “Degrassi – The Next Generation.”The well-travelled Brilla likes to make her own clothing and also is a self-taught painter. “I like bright colorful clothes and I often perform wearing my own (designs). I will go to vintage stores and I love a lot of the 1940s and 50s and if I can’t find something, I will design it.” She adds, “I love the thrill of performing and connecting to the audience.” Brilla has performed at the Montreal Jazz Festival, The L.A. Angel City Music Festival and Kitchener Blues Festival, to name a few.Read the entire column Friday in The Record.