Wiseman-Beese and Shearer named Piper athletes of the month

Staff Writer

Naomi Wiseman-Beese and Tyler Shearer have been named the Piper Athletes of the month for April at Alexander Galt High School. Wiseman-Beese is a member of the Senior Girls Badminton team and the top female singles girl in the school. She won the gold medal at the 48th annual Galt Badminton Tournament last weekend. The 16 year old also won all of her ETIAC matches the week before. She is one of the hardest workers in practices and takes advantage of every lunch hour to improve her game. The grade 11 student also has an unmatched work ethic in the classroom where she sits on the Principal’s List. Tyler Shearer is a member of the Senior Boys Badminton team that won the gold medal in the Galt badminton tournament. The grade 10 student earned his medal by training hard in the badminton component of the sports concentration program. The 15 year old went undefeated throughout the season and could not be beat because of his quickness soft hands and strength. He will be back next year to defend his title as a graduating student.