The nation’s capital celebrates the holidays with a Bury Christmas tree

Matthew McCully
Staff Writer

For close to 30 years, Bury resident Bruce Kerr has been supplying Ottawa with a massive tree each holiday season. Technically speaking, his tree farm is in Island Brook, Kerr specified.
When asked how he became the go-to guy for elite Christmas trees, Kerr replied modestly, “I don’t know; it’s just a tree.”
This year, there are two of Kerr’s Townships trees headed to Ottawa, both measuring around 55 feet high.
One was ordered by the city of Ottawa, and was being set up yesterday. The other will head over next week to stand inside the National Art Gallery, where the Prime Minister usually holds a Christmas party each year, Kerr said.
“It’s a lot of work to find them,” Kerr said, explaining that he sometimes has to procure the tree from neighbouring farms.
The tree then needs to be cut and let down gently with a crane to prevent any branches from being broken.
“It takes three or four days to tie it,” Kerr said, adding that it needs to be done on a day when it is not too cold.
Once properly tied, the trees get mounted onto a flatbed and head towards their new homes.
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