Cowansville Legion ­members taking­­ ­action to right a grave ­injustice

Cowansville Legion ­members taking­­ ­action to right a grave ­injustice

Arnold Raymond worked on his grave markers alongside childhood friends, all of whom had family members who served in wars in the past

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Cowansville Legion member Arnold Raymond led a team of volunteers over the past weeks in a special task of remembrance. Inspired by Raymond’s decision to fashion a homemade “veteran” marker for his grandfather’s non-military grave earlier this year, the team assembled and installed 200 similar markers on “unrecognized” veterans graves across Brome-Missisquoi. “It’s sad that so many veterans’ graves are not identified,” the Legion member said, arguing that more work should be done by the government to recognize and honour those soldiers who served in various conflicts over time. See full story in the Friday, Nov. 9 edition of The Record.

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