Expo Boeuf organizers “seriously ­concerned” about the future

Expo Boeuf organizers “seriously ­concerned” about the future

Amanda Bushey taking top honors proving beef breeders in the Townships are among the best. Competitors from the Maritimes including Prince Edward Island as well as Ontario and across Quebec have consistently turned out just about every year, making this show not only the largest in Quebec but a showplace for examples of some of the best in many breeds of beef cattle.

Photo credit : Claudia Villemaire

By Claudia Villemaire – In its nineteenth year, the largest exhibition of beef animals in Quebec will face serious new challenges. As government funding dwindles and the cost of presenting such a large event continues to increase, the organizers behind the Expo Boeuf beef festival in Victoriaville are not optimistic about the years to come. Andre Beaumont, Secretary on the CBDRBQ, (Commission Conjointe des Races Bovines de Quebec) and President of the Beef Show organizing committee, is seriously worried by the fact that government funding is slated to end in March of next year. See full story in the Thursday, October 11 edition of The Record.

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