Mon Shack holds Annual General Meeting, highlights growth and community impact

Mon Shack holds Annual General Meeting, highlights growth and community impact
Mon Shack administrators, board members, members, volunteers, and residents gathered for its 2024 Annual General Meeting (Photo : William Crooks)

By William Crooks

Local Journalism Initiative

Mon Shack, a prominent community organization dedicated to mental health support located in Lennoxville, held its 2024 Annual General Meeting (AGM) June 26. The AGM officially commenced with the formalities of opening the assembly; the atmosphere was light-hearted, with laughter among attendees, setting a positive tone for the evening.

Annual Activity Report

Executive Director Josée Parent expressed gratitude to the board members and volunteers, acknowledging their dedication and hard work. She ran through the organization’s Annual Activity Report:

Mon Shack has experienced a transformative year marked by growth, adaptation, and community impact. The organization, dedicated to providing supervised residential units for adults with mental health challenges in Estrie, has successfully expanded its services and housing capacity while maintaining financial stability.

The construction and official opening of Mon Shack 2.0 was a significant achievement for the organization. This new building added 22 affordable supervised housing units, effectively doubling the housing capacity of Mon Shack. The expansion was driven by the increasing demand for supportive housing for adults of all ages experiencing mental health issues. The original Mon Shack building, with its 18 affordable units, continues to cater to young adults aged 18-35, providing intensive to moderate follow-up support.

Mon Shack has been at the forefront of addressing mental health needs in the community. The new building not only provides additional housing but also extends the range of services offered, including light support to maintain autonomy and aid recovery for residents. The services are bilingual, reflecting the community’s needs and ensuring accessibility for all.

Volunteers played a crucial role in the success of Mon Shack’s initiatives. The organization benefited from 1,283 hours of volunteer work, including significant contributions from the general management team. The dedication of these volunteers ensured the continuity of high-quality services and the maintenance of the new facility.

Mon Shack’s community support was evident through various fundraising activities. Notable among these was the second edition of the benefit dinner, which raised $22,943 to support the organization’s mission. Additionally, the “Pump for the Cause” campaign and other local partnerships collectively contributed thousands of dollars, demonstrating strong community involvement and commitment.

Mon Shack continued to offer a diverse range of programs aimed at fostering community integration and improving the mental health of its residents. Activities such as art therapy, physical fitness sessions, and group cooking workshops were well-received, with a total of 3,522 participations recorded. These activities not only support the residents’ recovery but also promote social inclusion and reduce stigma associated with mental health issues.

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