Saint-Jean-Baptiste Day celebrated in Fitch Bay

Saint-Jean-Baptiste Day celebrated in Fitch Bay
Attendance ramped up into the night, with well over 100 enjoying the music and fireworks (Photo : Photo courtesy Facebook)

By William Crooks

Local Journalism Initiative

Townshippers celebrated Saint-Jean-Baptiste Day in Fitch Bay June 23 in a relatively well-attended event held in Forand Park, despite the rainy weather. Free hotdogs and snacks, pontoon boat rides, live music, face painting, bouncy inflatables, and park equipment entertained attendees of all ages. Local police and firefighters set up kiosks and socialized with the crowd.

Organizer Kimberly Whitworth shared her reflections on the event with The Record the next day. “We could have had more people if the weather had been nicer, but for the kind of day we had, it was amazing,” she said. “I’m so happy with the turnout.”

The event, which has been running for three years under Whitworth’s leadership, benefits from the collaboration of small municipalities. “There’s Stanstead and a few others. We invite them because they are so small, and it makes the event more fun. Four municipalities coming together create a nice atmosphere,” she explained.

Whitworth emphasized the bilingual and multicultural aspects of the event, noting, “It is a French holiday, but all these municipalities are pretty much bilingual. The fact that everybody comes together like this makes it even more special.”

The festivities concluded around midnight, a testament to the event’s success. “I got home at 12:30, but some people were still there until about midnight. Considering the fireworks ended at 10, the fact that people stayed is a good sign,” she reported.

When asked about her dedication to the event, Whitworth expressed her admiration for Quebec’s unique character. “Yes, it’s a French province, but we live in Canada, and it’s fantastic. Quebec is amazing. We are so lucky to have two languages, share our religions, fun, and families. We’re a mixed culture, and that’s what gives us extra character compared to other provinces.”

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