Strategizing at ‘Local Fish’n Holes’

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Strategizing at ‘Local Fish’n Holes’
Photo of a brown trout caught in the area last spring (Photo : Andrew Howarth)

By Andrew Howarth – The idea of heading out for an afternoon at the proverbial local fish’n hole conjures up nostalgia in those of us who are somewhat romantically-tempered, and also spent time riding bikes and finding reasons to get a tetanus shot as kids. For anglers with skill levels ranging from that of the weekend warrior to the obsessed angling insomniac, the term ‘local fishing hole’ conjures up images of riverbanks littered with styrofoam worm containers, and in all likelihood, other anglers—plenty of them. Fishing seems as popular a recreational activity now as ever before, a fact which is both boasted and griped about by anglers. Local watering holes can reliably produce good fishing, or reliably produce tangled lines and frustration. Contrary to what some of our more cynical peers believe, minor adjustments to your approach can put you on the winning side of the friendly competition that generally ensues at a local fishing hole. See full story in the Tuesday, May 21 edition of The Record.

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