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310 million-year-old tree fossils to reveal new ancient animals

—  30 December 2019

The Joggins Cliffs, N.S. are designated as a UNESCO World Heritage Site for the fossil record…

Greeting cards make a comeback

—  23 December 2019

We may send fewer cards today, but those who do send them embrace it as part of the holiday…

My secret: Coming out as a gay elementary principal in an era of social conservatism

—  15 October 2019

LGBTQ2+ teachers may face clashing expectations between their political and professional identities. (Shutterstock)   The…

‘Our house is on fire!’ Why Greta Thunberg infuriates conservatives

—  1 October 2019

Justin Trudeau speaks to Swedish environmental activist Greta Thunberg in Montreal on Sept.…

Style over substance: Another uninspiring Canadian election campaign

—  18 September 2019

NDP Leader Jagmeet Singh has his makeup applied during a commercial beak at recent the Maclean’s/Citytv…

Play-to-win attitudes in youth hockey sacrifice personal development for victory

—  17 September 2019

Youth hockey’s play-to-win culture means that children’s personal development is pushed…