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Cities and countries aim to slash plastic waste within a decade

—  23 April

Plastics pile up at Thilafushi, an artificial island created as a landfill, in the Maldives.…

How clean is your city? Just ask the bees

—  3 April

Honey can carry clues about where pollutants come from. (Shutterstock) Kate E. Smith, University…

World Autism Day — let’s allow disability to change our societies for the better

—  1 April

Our societies would be kinder and better places overall if we considered what we can and do…

Unrealistic striving for academic excellence has a cost

—  27 March

Skills of well-being have been forgotten partly due to a combination of educational reforms…

Federal budget pledges a Canadian school food program but recipe requires funding

—  25 March

Canada is ranked 37th of the 41 most wealthy nations in regards to child well-being and access…

Dread doing your taxes? Some tips on hiring someone to take over

—  18 March

Ah, yes. Once again, it’s tax season. If you decide to outsource filling out your returns…