Less talk, more action: National Day of Remembrance on Violence Against Women

Less talk, more action: National Day of Remembrance on Violence Against Women

—  6 December

People gather at a memorial ceremony to honour the 13 students and one staff member killed at the École Polytechnique Massacre, Tuesday, December 6, 2016 in Montreal. THE CANADIAN PRESS/Ryan Remiorz Yasmin Jiwani, Concordia University The National Day…

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Big, bigger, biggest: Black Friday, Cyber Monday and Singles Day

—  26 November

The holiday shopping season is upon us. But do you need to go to the mall? 松林 /flickr, CC BY-SA Norman Shaw, Ryerson University Cyber Monday is online retailers’ response to the bricks-and-mortar marketing push of Black…

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Canada: What will it take to end physical punishment of children?

—  22 November

At least 54 countries prohibit the corporal punishment of children. Canada has neither prohibited corporal punishment, nor said it will. Shutterstock Valerie Michaelson, Queen’s University, Ontario Recently, the American…

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Dementia’s hidden darkness: Violence and domestic abuse

—  15 November

Dementia patients are often the perpetrators and often the victims of abuse. Research also shows that a medical history of head injury can more than double the risk of developing Alzheimer’s disease in some populations,…

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Wearing the poppy has always been a political act – here’s why

—  13 November

olavs via Shutterstock Sam Edwards, Manchester Metropolitan University The annual argument over the politics of the red poppy is well and truly underway. LBC host James O’Brien recently declared that supporters of the far-right…

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Study hard and you might lower your chances of dementia

—  5 November

A new study funded by the Centre for Aging and Brain Health Innovation will investigate the use of learning technologies such as streaming media for people with dementia and those at risk. (Shutterstock) David Chandross,…

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In defence of Canada’s dairy farmers

—  1 November

Canada’s dairy industry is being increasingly put at risk in trade negotiations. A visit to a Canadian dairy farm illuminates why the industry should be protected. (Shutterstock) David Gray, Dalhousie University At 8 a.m.…

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