My Take

My Take
The format of a My Take is 150 words – no more, no less – to express an opinion on a different topic each week. This week’s topic was cursive writing.


By Matthew McCully

I just realized my nieces and nephews have probably been smiling and nodding but unable to read my witty remarks in their birthday cards all this time.

They just took the money and ran, never knowing how funny I am.

What do signatures look like these days in the absence of cursive writing?

Are doctor’s fresh out of medical school no longer known for their ‘chicken scratches?’

I had no idea cursive fell out of fashion. I guess I should have caught on when chalk boards were replaced by wall-sized computer screens.

I think it’s a skill worth bringing back, if for no other reason, to maintain a connection to the past.

Pope Memorial figured that out while researching local veterans. They had to pause their project and do a module on cursive writing to be able to read the letters and diaries of soldiers.

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