10th Anniversary of the Stanstead Stone Circle

By Taylor McClure, Special to The Record

In 2009, the Town of Stanstead was gifted with its very own stone circle. Installed on the Autumn Equinox, which takes place every year between September 21st and 23rd, the stone circle has served as a significant place in the lives of many ever since. With its 10th anniversary quickly approaching, The Record recently sat down with Kim Prangley, the instigator of the project, to discuss the role the site has come to play in the community. Prangley, who describes herself as a landscape artist, was born in Newport, Vermont but has always lived in Stanstead. For twenty-five years, she worked at the Haskell Library and Opera House before leaving in 2005. After leaving her job, she headed over to the United Kingdom and Wales to travel and take some time off. That is when she discovered what she called the healing powers of the earth.
“I was always interested in stone circles. I ended up going over to the United Kingdom in 2005 and I had an extraordinary experience standing on a Neolithic stone creation,” Prangley recalled. “It was a very healing place and I thought we needed one like this in Stanstead. I’ve been over a few times now and I always visited sites that involved sacred stones. See full story in the Thursday, Sept. 5 edition of The Record.

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