2022 RRHS Winner of the Mckeage Family Scholarship

Submitted by Pascale Duguay
2022 RRHS Winner of the Mckeage Family Scholarship
Steve Element, RRHS Principal; Antoine Barrington; Drew Pollock, RRHS Vice-Principal. (Photo : Katherine Adam)

On Thursday June 23, Richmond Regional High School held its graduation ceremony in a room packed full of family and friends for the first time since the beginning of the pandemic. One of the highlights of the evening was the presentation of the Mckeage Family Scholarship winner. This prestigious $5,000 bursary aims to help hard-working students who have made an impact, by providing them with the financial means to further their studies while allowing them to find their way and follow their dreams.
This year’s recipient is Antoine Barrington. Antoine made a big impression all around during his five years at RRHS. According to Julia Barrowman, his art teacher, “Antoine was always a ray of sunshine with an enthusiastic ‘HI MISS!’ every time he entered my room. He would always go above and beyond on each of his assignments, often staying after school or showing up on a ped day to work on his projects. He was always very artistic and creative, often thinking outside the box. Other than working hard academically, he also had a true passion for basketball. His life goal in grade seven was to be in the NBA. As he moved forward throughout his years here, he refined his goals to creating and running his own business one day. Now his two passions in life are his girlfriend, and his car that he is taking great pride in restoring. It’s a face I’m gonna miss.”

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