Seriously? Again?

Seriously? Again?
(Photo : Cedric Lowe)

Fried computer-to-plate machine halts Record printing

By Matthew McCully

The power supply for The Record’s computer-to-plate machine gave out on Monday afternoon rendering us unable to print Tuesday’s paper.

It could have been caused by recent power outages. It could have been the age of the machine. It could have been the universe conspiring against us.

In any case, a replacement piece was ordered and on its way from Vancouver by Monday evening. If all goes according to plan, by noon on Tuesday our head pressman, Serge Gagnon, with the help of a technician on a video call, will have installed the new piece and the press will be up and running again.

Some frequently asked questions:

Yes, we tried turning it off then back on again.

No, they don’t sell the replacement part we need at Best Buy.

Yes, we tried to print elsewhere, but the few presses in the vicinity still operating were fully booked by the time we discovered the problem.

No, we don’t think this is a sign to give up.

Yes, we agree this year got off to a terrible start.

We sincerely regret this unfortunate situation, and we are fully aware of how this looks given last week’s hydro pole fiasco.

And I would like to thank the Record staff who jumped to action and had a plan in place as quickly as possible to minimize the disruption to readers.

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