70 over 70 magazine celebrates Townships’ seniors

By Sharon McCully

Oct.1 is International Seniors’ Day and boy, do we have a lot to be grateful for! Something the size of a community.
In March, The Record asked readers to submit the names of extraordinary seniors over 70 from our community who are continuing to improve the quality of life of fellow Townshippers. Within days we were inundated with submissions from readers lauding notable seniors still involved in business, education, health, the arts, as writers, historians, volunteers and good neighbours.
This week we will distribute a special magazine honouring 70 seniors over 70 who contribute to the richness and well-being of the community. Together they represent over 5,000 years of living. They know things. They’ve seen stuff , done stuff and survived stuff. Pay attention.
You can pick up a copy of the magazine at the office of The Record, 6 Mallory St. in Sherbrooke or Brome County News, 5 Victoria St. in Knowlton, and various locations where the newspapers are available. Read about these remarkable people and be inspired.

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