A 2019 election refresher

A 2019 election refresher
(Photo : Elections Canada website)

On Sunday the Prime Minister kicked off a federal election, meaning that registered, interested and eligible voters will be able to head to the polls at the end of next month. The last time this happened was in October of 2019 which, thanks to the COVID-19 pandemic, might feel a little bit longer ago than it actually was.
So what happened, again?
In brief, after having spent four years in control of a majority of the seats in parliament, Justin Trudeau’s Liberal government fell into a minority position due in no small part to a significant revival in the Bloc Quebecois.
On the Federal electoral map, the Eastern Townships is made up mainly of seven ridings: Brome-Missisquoi, Compton-Stanstead, Drummond, Mégantic-l’Erable, Richmond- Arthabaska, Shefford, and Sherbrooke.

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