A blast from the past: King Street then and now

By Gordon Lambie with Taylor McClure

Those who still have to head out of the house on a daily basis for one reason or another have noticed that the usual areas of hustle and bustle in our towns and cities are much quieter these days. Take the corner of King and Wellington Streets in Sherbrooke, for example: although not the city’s busiest intersection even outside of the current circumstances, the corner is rare to see without a fair amount of vehicle and pedestrian traffic.
These two photos, both taken from the intersection of King Street West and Wellington Street (North to the Left, South to the right) looking towards the St-Francis River, show us two very different views of the downtown district.
Like many of the photos in The Record’s archives, the older of these two images has no information to indicate when it was taken, but a close look at the details provides some clues:
According to public transit enthusiast Tom Rodda, who manages tomsbuspage.ca, the bus on the left side of the image is a GM Classic, a model which began being produced in 1983 and hit the streets in Sherbrooke in 1985. The bus on the right meanwhile, is a GM New Look, the previous model that the Classic replaced. Although both of these older models remained in service for quite some time, those timelines point us to a photo that was taken somewhere in the mid-to-late 1980s. Sherbrooke’s fleet of busses has since switched to the modern NovaBus (visible in the “now” photo), some of which are hybrid-electric.

See full story in the Wednesday, April 15 edition of The Record.

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