A difficult season for Wera Farm

A difficult season for Wera Farm
Richard Wera had a difficult start to the season, and is hoping a lack of rain won’t add to this year’s challenges. (Photo : Priscilla Allatt )

By Priscilla Allatt
Special to The Record

The weather this year has been a challenge for some farmers. With the heat waves in the months of March, April, and May and now the lack of rain, local producers like Wera Farm are struggling to produce crops.
Owned by Richard Wera, the farm has a U-pick model that offers strawberries and vegetables. Usually, throughout July, the Farm receives a couple of hundred cars every day filled with more than eager people to come and pick their baskets of fresh strawberries. However, this year Wera has no fruit to offer customers. On May 27, the full moon was out, the night sky was clear, and a big frost came over the Farm destroying around 80 per cent of Wera’s strawberry crop.
“I expected the frost but there was nothing I could do since my irrigation system was down,” said Wera, “with the pandemic, there have been many delays, workers are calling in sick, parts aren’t coming in, everything is disturbed. Because of this, I was only able to fix my pump one week after the damage.”

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