A fresh start for Explore Lennox

By Gordon Lambie

Explore Lennox, Commerce Sherbrooke’s revitalization project for downtown Lennoxville, is taking a new approach in 2020. Although the project has been more-or-less synonymous with the Lennoxville Business Association since that group relaunched in 2016, Anne-Sophie Demers, who is responsible for Commerce Sherbrooke’s revitalization efforts in Lennoxville and Saint-Elie, told The Record on Monday that an effort will be made this year to broaden the scope of the work being done. When launched in 2015 the Explore Lennox brand was focused on four key development areas: community mobilization, commercial development, urban planning, and territorial marketing. Those ideas were built into the founding directives of the business association when that group was founded in 2016, but Demers said that as the association came into its own, the two groups found themselves wanting to work on the same idea of revitalization in different ways, with the business association wanting to focus on working with and expanding its membership and Commerce Sherbrooke interested in a broader approach. See full story in the Tuesday, Jan. 7 edition of The Record.


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