A handbook for Record correspondents

By Taylor McClure, Special to The Record

Lennoxville resident Allan Rowell happened upon this booklet from the 1960s with instructions for Record correspondents. The booklet mentions the do’s and dont’s of sending information to the paper, as well as daily deadlines (11 a.m. at the time unless there was a major breaking story). So why was it kicking around in Rowell’s house? Well, for 74 years, Rowell’s grandmother, Mrs. Nellie George Parsons worked as a correspondent for the ­Sherbrooke Record and contributed her time to covering the Bury area, where she lived all her life.
Her first submission was in 1900, at the young age of fifteen years old. Parsons continued to contribute to the paper, and the Bury area, throughout the rest of her life. See full story in the Friday, Sept. 20 edition of The Record.

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