A learning experience: The Record 2020

By Reann Fournier, Special to The Record
A learning experience: The Record 2020

Being a top English and journalism student in high school, I had always wished to have the opportunity to work in a proper newsroom for a real newspaper. It had been an ambition of mine for years, and, when the opportunity to work as a student reporter for The Record came to me, I applied thinking it would be an incredible experience if I so happened to get the job. I won’t lie, when I got the call that I had been hired, I may have done a happy dance.
As a second-year university student, this was my first opportunity to work a ‘big girl job’. Being in an office was a whole new world to me and it was exciting and validating that I had the opportunity to work in a field that I had always wanted to. I had no idea what to expect but, the first day I was immediately given an assignment and started writing. The fear of not doing well was definitely prevalent, but I was quickly reassured that my co-workers and editors wanted to work with me to help me learn and excel in the space.

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