A little more on Nick Nicholson, solar energy pioneer of the Townships

A little more on Nick Nicholson, solar energy pioneer of the Townships
Ron Creary and his dog Sunshine not long after moving into a Nicholson house in 1979. (Photo : Ron Creary)

By Taylor McClure
Special to The Record

Recently, The Record published an article about Nick Nicholson, a landscape architect and pioneer in the field of solar energy from Ayer’s Cliff.
After the late 1980s, little information was available about Nicholson and his solar energy project. The Record asked readers if they had any memories about him and received a number of replies, providing some interesting insights about Nicholson as a person and where he went after making a name for himself in the Townships.

Townshipper Ron Creary shared his experiences working Nicholson.
After a few years employed at the Butters Hospital, Creary received a retro pay release of $15,000 and decided to look into a Nicholson house after seeing the landscape architect’s name in The Record. “I called him and he was negotiating with the National Research Council and he needed to build a house in order to get the grant. He was interested in me and I was interested in him.”
In order to get the grant, Nicholson had to abide by certain criteria to build the house, including a dual solar system and solar panels that were placed straight up and down rather than on an angel like Solar X.

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