A look at who’s running in Saint Francois

By Gordon Lambie, Local Journalism Initiative
A look at who’s running in Saint Francois
(Photo : Courtesy)

The Saint-François riding is made up of both urban and rural areas, including Lennoxville, Fleurimont, and Brompton within the city of Sherbrooke, as well as the more rural areas to the south such as Barnston West, Coaticook, and East Hereford. Over the last ten years three different parties have been voted into office by local voters, the Parti Quebecois in 2012, the Liberals in 2014, and the CAQ in 2018.
Genevieve Hébert is the incumbent in the riding and, like most in that position, urged voters to consider her merits based on the things she has done in the riding over the last four years. She pointed to direct engagement with local institutions like Champlain College and Bishop’s University, the Mon Shack mental health resource, and the Grace Village care home as examples of her work on the ground with the local English-speaking community.
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