A look back on some of the best photos of 2022

A look back on some of the best photos of 2022

By Gordon Lambie


They say that a picture is worth 1,000 words, and over the course of a year, thousands of pictures appear in The Record. Paired with news stories, these photos help put a face to the names in each article or to highlight the significance of different major events across the region.

Across pages four and five of todays paper is a selection of 12 of the best or most significant images published over the course of the last year, one from each month, and a look at the stories that they helped to tell.


In January of 2022 the province was still under significant COVID-19 restrictions, and care homes like Grace Village were well into their second year of adapting to new procedures aimed at keeping seniors safe. In December, The Record ran an article recognizing the 65th anniversary of Grace Village.

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