A low-key ­Intellectual ­Disability Week in Quebec this year

By Taylor McClure, Special to The Record

March 15th to March 21st is Intellectual Disability Week in Quebec this year. Dedicated to raising awareness in the province about the lived experiences and needs of people living with an intellectual disability, Intellectual Disability Week is usually a key time for local organizations to work with general public on creating a more inclusive society. “All of our activities are cancelled to help reduce the risk to people, of course,” said Don Warnholtz, Executive Director of the Dixville Home Foundation, which provides support to adults and children that have an intellectual disability or autism spectrum disorders in the region. The Foundation usually organizes special awareness campaigns and activities for the week but with the situation the world is currently facing, things have become more difficult. The Dixville Home Foundation is a major supporter in raising awareness during Quebec Intellectual Disability Week every year but according to the executive director they, “have had to change things radically,” with the coronavirus outbreak. Like many other events, celebrations, and activities that were going to be held in the next upcoming months, the Dixville Home Foundation has cancelled all of its group and public activities, including those for Intellectual Disability Week, until at least April 1st. Recreational activities are usually offered by the foundation at least once a week. See full story in the Friday, March 20 edition of The Record.

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