A peanut a day keeps a grandmother worried

By Marianne Lassonde, Special to The Record
A peanut a day keeps a grandmother worried

On Monday Jan. 11, Stacey Lancaster received a distressed phone call from her daughter in Bromptonville. Lancaster told The Record the mother-of-three had found an opened peanut shell and two peanuts on her balcony.
Two of Lancaster’s grandchildren have a severe allergy to peanuts, with her five-year old grandson risking going into anaphylactic shock if he touches anything containing peanuts. Unfortunately, peanuts are often used to feed the wildlife around the neighborhood and can easily be brought into a peanut-free backyard.
According to Lancaster, peanuts are most often used to feed blue jays and cardinals, two species of birds that are fairly common in Bromptonville. To keep them coming back, residences fill their bird feeders with a variety of nuts, including full peanuts. The problem, however, is when a bird flies to another feeder, they can drop the nut if they see something more interesting, like a sunflower seed.
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