A socially distanced polar plunge

By Gordon Lambie
A socially distanced polar plunge
The Robb clan chose to leap from the dock (Photo : Courtesy Krista Fidler)

When it comes to ringing in the New Year, tradition can be a powerful force. For some, the celebrations aren’t complete unless a particular film has been viewed, or a particular meal prepared. For others, the new year doesn’t truly start until they jumped into a freezing cold lake.
According to Mary Hill, although circumstance and pandemic precaution kept them from making any formal plans this year, a small collection of family bubbles went ahead and had a polar plunge in North Hatley anyway this year.
“We were not organizing a formal polar plunge this year, but force of tradition brought five family bubbles to the beach at North Hatley to test the almost ice-free waters,” she said. In recent years weather for the traditional New Year’s Day dip has varied significantly. Where 2018 saw swimmers head out to axed out holes in the ice at -25 degrees, Hill said 2021 greeted those who made their way to the shores of Lake Massawippi with only a small shelf that had to be cleared.

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