A toast to Townshippers for supporting The Record for 124 years

By Sharon McCully, Publisher
A toast to Townshippers for supporting The Record for 124 years

Pierre Peladeau (that’s Papa Peladeau, not PK), believed there was something special about The Record that would see it succeed where others fail. He made the prediction before the advent of Google, Facebook and the pervasive contention that newspapers are dead. “The Record is too important to fail,” he said while making a comparison to his defunct Montreal Daily News.
As The Record assembles the candles on its 124th birthday cake, it can rightly claim at least a modicum of success.
The Record is now the only daily print newspaper distributed in the Eastern Townships in either English or French, and any success it might have can be attributed to loyal readers and advertisers who still subscribe to Sherbrooke Record founder Leonard Channell’s belief that the English population of the Townships needs a daily newspaper – moreso now as Townshippers are forced into isolation and our institutions and public bodies carry out the public’s business in a Zoom bubble. There are things the community needs to know, things they need to stop, and things they need to start. There are people to celebrate and others to mourn. There are heroes in our community that need to be acknowledged.
Bombarded with a plethora of information on social media emanating from keyboard crackpots and infomercials, people need a trusted source of information to separate the wheat from the chaff.
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