A tradition of giving

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A tradition of giving

We want to take the opportunity to highlight Stanstead’s fine grocery store, Tradition. It is a little store with a giant heart. The owners, David Labonté and Nadine Boutin, care a great deal about our town. They attract the nicest of workers who always have time to chat with you as you cash out or peruse the meat counter.

When it comes to giving to the children of Stanstead they truly shine. Every Halloween they ensure that all little CPE daycare participants get a mini pumpkin. In the summer, they send a nod to the wee athletes by making sure that every baseball and soccer player receives a gift card to their beloved ice cream counter. At Easter they donate big chocolate bunnies that mean a few lucky kids leave the annual Easter Egg Hunt with quite the delight.

At Phelps Helps, we are most appreciative to them for the box of donated produce that they provide to us three times a week. With a little chopping, stewing, dressing we create snacks that make the students feel loved. These boxes are in fact packed by some of the kids that show up for homework help. A number of our students spend their evenings and weekends stocking and packing at the store. This is a business where students are granted understanding and support as the school year waxes and wanes in its demands.

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