A year into the pandemic, how are our local farms doing?

A year into the pandemic, how are our local  farms doing?
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David Rossiter
Special to The Record

Last spring COVID-19 took centre stage and threw many industries into a tailspin. A year later, after dealing with the ramifications and challenges stemming from covid restrictions, local farms are cautiously optimistic for the year ahead.
Sylvie Bolduc, from Plantations Stéphan Perreault, was positive as she shared her thoughts. “I think we’re in a better place than we were a year ago with the whole Covid situation,” she said.
The Plantations Perreault farm is centred around an old barn, in the countryside of Windsor about 25 minutes north of Sherbrooke. They have busy summers with strawberry picking beginning in June and other fruit and vegetables following later in the season.
The farm hires temporary foreign workers, from both Guatemala and Mexico, spring through fall every year. Sylvie said that while last year there were delays and confusion brought on by Covid restrictions, “there are no delays anticipated this year and the migrant worker program should be running smoothly.”

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