ACTE garage sale seeks community support

By Gordon Lambie
ACTE garage sale seeks community support

The Association des accidentés cérébro-vasculaires et traumatisés crâniens de l’Estrie (ACTE), an organization committed to providing services and support for individuals who have either sustained a traumatic head injury or are living the after-effects of a stroke, is trying to raise funds and its public profile this weekend with its first-ever super garage-sale. To be held between 8am and 4pm on Saturday and Sunday, August 29 and 30, the sale is hoped by its organizers to sell-off close to $10,000 worth of second or third-hand treasures to raise funds for the outings and activities offered by ACTE throughout the year.

Peter Nieman, the Executive Director of ACTE, explained that the idea for the sale first came up in May at the suggestion of some of the organization’s clientele. Often, he said, people find themselves unable to work in the same way they used to after experiencing a serious head trauma or stroke. As a result they sometimes need to move into smaller, more affordable housing and find themselves downsizing. By channeling the clientele’s excess belongings into a fundraiser for ACTE, the money raised through sale feeds directly into support services for the people who most need it.

“These are people going through major life changes,” Neiman said. “We work with everything from people who can still speak quite well but are now wheelchair bound to people who are no longer able to speak at all.”

Read the full article in Thursday’s Record.

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