ADHD does not take a break during a pandemic

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TDA/H Estrie, a community organization providing services throughout Estrie to support people affected by Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) is informing the public that resources are available to help during this difficult time.
“Even in normal times, research has shown that parents of children with attention deficit disorder with or without hyperactivity (ADHD) experience more parental stress than average. It’s normal to feel our patience is wearing thin and we need to find ways to reduce the pressure,” explained Céline Landreville, Director of TDA/H Estrie in a recent press release.
“Talking about it and seeking advice is a big step towards getting better,” added Marie-France Lord, counselor for the organization.
TDA/H Estrie remains in operation and its team of counsellors is available to allow people to vent, share advice, and review the family routine during times of confinement. “With the tools that are available to us, we can always provide support to people affected by ADHD,” commented Étienne Boutin, intervener at TDA/H Estrie.
TELEPHONE LISTENING: Counsellors now offer a listening service. Those who feel the need can reach them at 819-565-7131. If they are not available, leave a message on the answering machine; a call back is made quickly.
PERSONAL MEETINGS: videoconferencing, a very efficient and easy to use tool, allows clients to connect online with one of TDA/H’s counsellors. Call at 819-565-7131 to schedule an appointment.
VIRTUAL COFFEEING in a group allows clients to overcome the loneliness of confinement and share useful tips to get through this period. Two virtual group formulas are available.
Café La Soupape, for parents of children with ADHD, is a place where everyone can share to let off some steam and exchange strategies. Adults with ADHD can participate in the Neuro-Café, which allows them to find mutual help and sharing with people concerned by their diagnosis.
Anyone in the Eastern Townships can take advantage of these services, free of charge during the pandemic period.
Outside the pandemic, annual membership to obtain services is generally $20 for individuals and $25 for families. For more information: 819-565-7131 or or email

Published in the Thursday, April 2 editon of The Record.

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