Agriculture Minister vows to protect supply manangement while making announcements on pork and cheese

By Gordon Lambie

Despite pressure to the contrary coming out of the United States in recent weeks, Federal Agriculture Minister Laurence MacAulay says that Canada’s supply management system is here to stay.
“We have indicated quite clearly that we will continue to support supply management,” MacAulay said on Tuesday morning during a visit to the Agriculture and Agri-food Canada Dairy and Swine Research Centre on the outskirts of Lennoxville. “We’re the party that implemented supply management and we’re the government that’s going to protect it.”
Supply management, which apples a quota system to milk, egg, and poultry production in Canada in the name of limiting overproduction and ensuring a reliable price for local producers, became one of the more recent targets of U.S. President Donald Trump earlier this month. Asked about the issue and how pressure from America might impact Canadian farmers, however, the Minister told the Record that he considers the system to be “a model for the world.” See full story in the Wednesday, June 27 edition of The Record.

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