Alexander Galt enjoying a “normal” carnival day

By Johnathan Houle – Special to The Record
Alexander Galt enjoying a “normal” carnival day
Galt carnival reps on the chairs or "thrones" they fixed and painted in carnival colours with teacher, Catherine Nadon. The thrones are in memory of Jarrod Sharman. (Photo : Danica Montgomery)

Excitement was high at Alexander Galt Regional High School on Thursday for the student body as it was the school’s first normal carnival since the start of the pandemic. Separated into four colours each representing a team, the Red Devils, the Purple Armadillos, the Green Lizards, and the Blue Gremlins competed in numerous activities to see which team would take the top spot.

“The energy, the vibe and the excitement can be felt in everyone,” said Tristan Macaskill, Grade 11 student and rep for the Purple Armadillos. “The activities in person are much better than the online stuff we did before so we just want to have a good time and enjoy it.” The other members of the armadillos echoing his thoughts as they cheered on their dodgeball team to victory. These types of fun, group-oriented activities were sincerely missed by the students who had to enjoy most of their past two carnivals online. While having some activities was considered better than not having any at all, the excitement and joy the in-person activities brought were a refreshing change this year.

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