An incredible force in Potton

An incredible force in Potton



Sarah Dessen once said, “Music is the great uniter.  An incredible force.  Something that people who differ on everything and anything else can have in common.”

When the “La Chouette” choir was preparing its concerts performed in mid June, the group was focused on perfecting their performance and entertaining the sold-out crowds who attended the event two weekends in a row.  With an emphasis on honing their performance and assuring that the presentation was laced with a balance of song, music, humour and joyous ambiance and celebration, the choir members had not fully expected the result they attained.

The choir entered the concert with suitcases in hand preparing the crowd for a trip that began with a composition by Marie St.Onge that continues to resonate in the village air long after the concerts end.  Throughout the musical journey that unfolded the tone of the music became emphatic and engaging emphasizing the conflictual situations faced in different countries around the world.

The concert closing with “Va Pensiero” and the cries of freedom encouraging all to celebrate the beauty and blessings of living in a county where we are free while extending our hearts and hopes to those living less fortunate realities.  The music instilled within the audience a sense of reflective moments while blending in a sense of better days to come as we lift extend our compassion and kindness toward others reaching beyond ourselves and our good fortune.  Following the performance each weekend, the choir welcomed those in attendance to join them in the hall afterwards for a glass of wine or a cool beverage.  This initiative was well appreciated with many stating that it felt like a coming together and a joining of the people in joyous celebration.

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