Another month of closed borders

By Matthew Sylvester

The federal governments of Canada and the US have negotiated another 31 days of closure for the border. The closure, which was set to expire the July 21, will now remain in place until August 21.
This marks the fourth month long extension of the closure since it was first put in place on March 18th. Essential travel and trade will still be allowed, including shipments of essentials like food, medicine, and fuel. Essential and visa-holding temporary workers will both be given an exception to the rule. Canadian residents and those with dual citizenship will still be allowed into Canada via the US.
“Canada and the United States have agreed to extend the current border measures by one month until August 21, and we’re going to keep working closely with our American neighbors to keep people safe on both sides of the border,” Prime minister Trudeau announced during a press conference.
The extension comes right as the US is experiencing a huge surge of COVID cases. Trudeau expressed concern about the situation south of the border and maintains that further extensions are definitely possible.
Last month, an exception was made for direct family members of permanent residents, including parents and guardians, spouses, tutors, and dependent children. This exception will carry through with the closure into August.

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